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PODay 3
Baby Bird

The've Gone!

We saw our first sub-adult male on 01-APR-2015

Total number of Gourds: 28

Nest Check Details as of 20-JUL-2015

We now have
DigitDigit Zerodigit Zero
young  in
DigitDigit Digit
Total Eggs : Digit Digit Digit Total Hatched: Digit Digit Digit Total Fledged: Digit Digit Digit

After thoroughly cleaning and repairing the gourds during the fall, I put up our housing on January 1st . Last season I added six new, 10 1/2" diameter, Excluder II SREH (crescent entrance) gourds to replace aging Super Gourds. all Excluder gourds now have predator guard porches.

We still plan to slowly replace the Super Gourds with the Excluder crescent gourds. These gourds have an attachable porch and Owl (Crow) guard. The birds appear to like them.
Excluder II excluder II Porch


Last season's hot glued seams, Super Gourd repairs are still holding.


Our site has three polls, with two poles of 6 gourds each (Super Gourd, Excluder crescent gourds and Troyer gourds). The third pole has 12-Super Gourds and 6-Excluder crescent gourds each with porch and guards. The polls are about 30 feet from the house near the shore of a small lake here in Titusville, Florida.

So far becoming Purple Martin landlords in 1998, we have learned a lot, seen over 960 successful fledges, and received great pleasure from these lovable, gregarious, wild birds.

Hungry ChicksTroyer Gourd with hungry chicks

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Tropic Winds a Key to Migration

Here is a look at a recent Tropic Winds graphic from the University of Wisconsin and the National Weather Service. The wind direction (the white arrows) are a good predictor for migration paths. A flow from Central America and Mexico toward Northern Cuba and Florida increases the likely hood of seeing more Purple Martins in Florida during the following few days. A similar wind flow pattern up through Mexico into the southern states is an excellent predictor of martins in that area. To view the latest map click on the picture below.

tropic winds
CLICK to see the latest Tropic Winds update

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